Based upon information from HGTV’s Property Brothers’ Jonathan and Drew Scott, we see how to avoid costly remodelling mistakes to save money and increase the value of your home.


1. Choosing the Cheapest Contractor

As Jonathan would say, by simply choosing the lowest bid, this never equals the best job! Often these cheap quotes are used by contractors to just get the job and will often add extras, cut corners, or use cheap products. Make sure you know what products are being used, how design changes are handled, and that the quote does not just include “new room”. Do your due diligence and make sure that you ask questions if you’re unsure.


2. Lowballing Your Budget.

With all renovation projects surprised are inevitable. Take this for example: You are installing a new backsplash; you wreck some of the drywall behind and suddenly have to fix it. Inside the wall there are electrical issues that should be fixed. Before you know it, you have some bigger expenses that just a new backsplash. What Drew says is that you should set aside 15% of the total project cost, and sometimes more for older homes, to cover unexpected expenses.


3. Skimping on Things you Can’t See

Take for example using a bathroom membrane system. This is an underlayment which goes underneath the tiles to prevent cracks, popping, and having water getting behind the substructure. Let’s face it, if you’re already going to spend $15,000 on a bathroom then add the extra $1,000 to ensure you won’t have problems down the road.


4. Insisting on granite countertops

Many people choose to put in granite countertops but that’s not the only option. This may be an area that can save more money than anything else in the kitchen. Other counters can include plate steel, a nice laminate, butcher


5. Being scared of changing the bathroom layout

Some may be scared to change the bathroom and make a change. However, if you’re going to renovate your bathroom, do it right and make it functional. Don’t relive an awkward layout that can’t most likely be changed by moving things around.


6. Automatically Thinking You Want Hardwood

This choice of flooring may not be for everyone. Pet’s nails, kids playing are just two means of leaving their mark on the floor. For busy houses, the Brothers suggest that laminate is a great option that has a similar high-end look but much more durable.